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Shaun's Nails and Hair Salon
Shaun's Nails and Hair Salon

Devoting time to self-care is an eloquent expression of love for your body. It is a gentle affirmation of its worth, a commitment to its well-being, and a celebration of its vitality. Through self-care, you honor your body’s needs and cherish its presence in your life.

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hairShaun's Nails and Hair Salon

Confidence Through Style

Our appearance shapes our confidence, and beautifully styled hair greatly enhances it. Don't worry about where to get your hair done; we are here to provide the perfect touch.

Awesome Hair cut

Executive Elegance Assured

With our expert touch, you will not only look impeccably dapper but also feel a sense of comfort and confidence. Trust in our services to enhance your appearance and elevate your self-assurance.

hairShaun's Nails and Hair Salon
Nail Service
hairShaun's Nails and Hair Salon

Pristine Nail Care

We At Shauns, we are committed to providing you with well-groomed nails that beautifully enhance your appearance. It's our pleasure to offer you a relaxing experience as your hands and feet receive pampering with skin-softening treatments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take appointments?

Yes, we welcome appointments, bookings, and walk-ins at Shaun's Spa. To ensure you receive the best service.Visit us in Kenol Town, opposite Aga Khan University Hospital, 50m past Tuktuk za Kabati, for exceptional care and quality treatments.

How late can I book an appointment?

You can book an appointment at Shaun's Spa as late as 6 PM. We look forward to providing you with exceptional care and quality treatments.

How much does a hair cut cost?

At Shaun's Spa, a haircut costs 200. Additional services include a shave and facial for 600, kids' haircuts for 100, and beard grooming for 100. We offer a range of services to meet your grooming needs, ensuring high quality and satisfaction with each visit.

Do you do massages?

Massage services are available exclusively with our shaving, full pedicure, and manicure treatments at Shaun's Spa. Whether you choose to indulge in a relaxing shave, pamper your hands and feet with a full manicure and pedicure, or both, our massages are designed to enhance your experience and leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

where can I find a good salon around Kenol?

Looking for a quality salon near Kenol? Visit us in Kenol Town, opposite Aga Khan University Hospital, just 50m past Tuktuk za Kabati. Our salon offers expert haircuts, styling, and pampering treatments in a welcoming atmosphere. Experience exceptional service and leave feeling refreshed and confident in your new look.